Sunday, May 27, 2007

Change Can Be Good Sometimes

It's only been about an hour since I setup my new blog here and I'm IMPRESSED. I love the features here that AOL Journals didn't have and it's promising.

For my readers that are finding this blog through the search engines, I'd like to welcome you. You're lucky that I'm the type of person that can at least keep some sort of commitment to writing entries for a blog. My last blog lasted a little less than 3 and a half years. My ability to type up coherent and somewhat interesting posts has drastically improved over the time I spent with AOL Journals. I can only hope it continues here.

To my original readers: You don't need a lame AOL account to comment on my ramblings now!

*cue weak applause, some coughing, and maybe a cricket or two*

Here's to a new and prosperous blog full of ranting, raving, and notable life experiences of mine.

...and to think I could never keep a paper journal.

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Richard said...

1st post!