Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Down Town

An aspect of human behavior I have yet to fully understand is also is a pet peeve of mine. I can not stand those who put others down. To be more specific, those who put others down just to appeal to their fellow (idiotic) friends and peers. It could be that alpha male / alpha female (yes, there can be an alpha female) instinct that some people feel the need to follow, but I hate it.

Not only is this act unethical, it is also, depending on the unfortunate target, dangerous.

Imagine a young person in the depths of the social hellhole known as high school. This person (male or female, doesn't matter) might not be the type of human who'll defend itself when verbally attacked. Instead, they'll bottle up the anger, which increases stress until... boom.

Then little Ms. or Mr. Alpha has to explain their black eye, or gash, or knife/bullet wound... to their parents.

Next Stop: Religion

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