Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Losing My Religion: The Ten Commandments and How I Still Use Them Despite My Lack Of "Faith"

When I was little, religion become some part of my life. I said my prayers, went to church, and followed the commandments as best I could.

After I was confirmed (St.Francis, if you're curious), that all changed. I lost my faith in Catholicism. After the death of my father, believing in God felt like I was believing in nothing. Despite what my father had going on in his life I didn't know why God would take him away from me.

Then my grandfather died and my feeling towards any God whatsoever left me. Death was a natural occurrence; not one controlled by an omniscient being. To this day, when someone asks me if I believe in God, I can only say that I hope one exists and I'll believe when I see Him.

Moving on...

I believe that one can be moral without any background in religion at all. I'll be using the 10 commandments to help me with this.

  • "I am the LORD your God, you shall have no other gods before me."
  • "You shall not make wrongful use of the name of the LORD your God."
  • "Observe the sabbath day and keep it holy."
Irrelevant... (on a roll, aren't we?)
  • "Honor your father and your mother."
Common sense.
  • "You shall not murder."
Common sense.
  • "Neither shall you commit adultery."
Common sense.


  • "Neither shall you steal."
  • "Neither shall you bear false witness against your neighbor."
  • "Neither shall you covet your neighbor's wife."
  • "Neither shall you desire your neighbor's house..."
Common. Sense.

Why do even have religions in this world?
All it has done for us is cause hatred, war, and discrimination.

Just a dream, just a dream

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