Thursday, May 31, 2007


I sometimes notice the differences on how I act at certain places at certain times with certain people. I was been able to break this into 3 groups, that I dub my "Tri-life". It might sound like a have multiple personalities, but let me assure you, it only seems that way. These 3 personalities are closely related with minor differences whereas in DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), the symptoms are completely different.

At home
I'm talkative, more open, and definitely more of a wiseass and comical. I'm highly benevolent though; kind, courteous, and helpful. I consider this my "normal" personality. Those who've seen this side of me are much of my family, in-family friends, and my girlfriend, Nicole.

At school
This is almost the complete opposite of the above. Unfortunately, for the past years (starting in around 2000 or 2001) I've been in what someone would call a "shell". In this shell of sorts, I'm quiet (shy) and not as open unless I'm with my little group of friends, which, since the beginning of high school (September 2003), the word "little" doesn't cut it anymore. Despite this shell of mine, I was able to have some sort of social life outside of my home. All of my classmates have seen this side of me.

In public
This is sort of a mix of the above two. I'm still a kind person, and I'm somewhat out of my shell here. You could safely say I'm in-between personalities. Everyone has seen this side of me at least once.

My short temper and impatience are in all 3 of these, but in each type require a certain amount of stress to be put on me before I react accordingly.

Recommended movie: Sybil

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