Monday, June 4, 2007

Just Call Them Civil Unions

As I've mention in that little snippet about myself on the right side of this blog, I'm a liberal. I consider myself a supporter of gay rights and gay marriages, but I've come to a more moderate agreement regarding gay marriages.

They should be called civil unions. Now, for all the Neo-liberals out there that would immediately jump the gun and say, "That's discrimination!" you'd be incorrect. The United States government considers any marriage a civil union in legal terms.

I'd also like to address those who believe a marriage is only between a man and a woman.

The world DOES NOT, I repeat, DOES NOT revolve around you and YOUR religion.

Still, I feel bad for the heavily religious people of this country (*cough*redstates*cough*). I really do. The media uses the term "gay marriage" too much and, yes, I know your trying to defend your beliefs, but you've forgotten that the United States is not 100% religious.

Of course, to make both sides happy, we should call "gay marriages" "civil unions". Think about it, the government would give you the exact same benefits a man and a woman would get. It's either that or fight an endless fight the rest of your life. Besides, your fellow friends and family members would still consider you and your partner as a married couple, I know I would. On the flip side, the religious folk get to keep the term "marriage" as a religious word as it pertains to the sacrament of matrimony.

Choose one: something or nothing.

By the way, sexual preference and sexual orientation are the same thing.

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