Sunday, June 3, 2007

My First Kiss

The following is from my deviantART gallery. I wrote this on October 21st, 2006. The kiss took place on January 5th, 2006.

I was shaking slightly as I walked down Rockaway Blvd. and then across it, toward the bus stop where my first (and current) girlfriend, Nicole, was waiting for me. It wasn't the cold of the January air that made me shake, but the possibility that today I would be having my first kiss.

The night before, Nicole and I agreed that we'd walk the length of Woodhaven Blvd. down to the corner of Woodhaven and Jamaica Avenue, where we would wait for her bus. I hinted that we'd hold hands as we walked the Blvd. and maybe end with a kiss, and not just a peck on the cheek.

We started our walk down the street. We talked about school and such, for a majority of the walk. Things got quiet while we walked the longest block on Woodhaven. It was where St. Anthony's hospital used to be. As the quiet between us became more and more awkward as the seconds passed, I suddenly thought to myself: We weren't holding hands!

"Wait, were we going to be holding hands?” I said. We then took each other's hand, stiffly at first, but it became more relaxed after awhile. Instantly I noticed an "Oh my God, he's holding my hand"-type look on her face.

We continued our walk. We were about a block away from Jamaica Ave. when I (and this surprised myself) calmly said, "Do you want to kiss?”

"Where should we?” Nicole said, with a nervous tint to it.

"Ummm... right by this upcoming tree." This is when my mind started racing. What do I do? How do I kiss her? Where should I place my hands? Around her back? Her waist? Just above it? Oh boy, here comes the tree!

We swung right into the kiss. My first kiss. It was something I will remember. I'll remember the fact that my nervousness hampered my plan to kiss her gently. I'll remember how the warmth between us conquered the chilling air around us. I'll remember that she attempted to french me (never saw this coming). I'll even remember the smile on each of our faces as we walked to the bus stop, every second we stood together waiting, the kisses on the cheek goodbye, and the walk home, where I couldn't stop thinking about Nicole.

Back on my 16th birthday I made a promise to myself that I'd try to get my first kiss before my 17th birthday. This happened 5 days before said birthday.

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