Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A Quick Look At June

The first full week of June 2007 is upon me and as I used to do with my old blog, I'm posting some upcoming things of note in the coming weeks. Think of this as blog filler (Hey! Blame writer's block!).

Coming Soon (June 2007)
  • More finals for school, put on the worst days possible of course
  • Distribution of my school's yearbook
  • Sanitation test (Plan B career in case something happens with college)
  • Math Regents (I NEED to pass this or my first year of college is boned)
  • Graduation Party (Friend of a friend's)
  • Freshmen Orientation for college
  • Graduation rehearsal
  • GRADUATION (Goodbye Hellhole!)
  • Graduation Party (for me!)
Feel free to comment with ideas for future opinion pieces of mine. I'd love a nice new issue to tackle.

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