Monday, July 16, 2007

Agnostic Plunge

If you're one of the people who know me personally, then you're probably aware that I'm not the most religious person around. Frankly, I'm not religious at all compared to when I was little and couldn't make up my own mind. Now that I've grown older and am more than capable of putting two and two together, I've taken experience and ideas to formulate my own views on issues that have an affect on me.

Though the following announcement is a little late, I think it's the best thing to make it known: I am Agnostic.

Think of this as poor-man's atheism. While I doubt the existence of God, I do not outright deny Him nor renounce my own religion. I'm taking the path of weak agnosticism, which basically means: "I don't know if there truly is a god, but you might know."

Hello there RIO.

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