Sunday, July 29, 2007

August 18th

I just recently noticed that I haven't mentioned that my mother, brother, and sister are moving out to Long Island to live with Bill, my mom's fiance.

A sea of boxes has really begun to rise out of almost nowhere in the past week. Lots of old photos have been showing up such as the following.

(I'm the one standing, my brother is the one in the stroller; I forgot what year this was taken in... Please... hold off on the Timmy Turner-esque jokes for later)

You may now be wondering where I'm going to be living. Well, I'll be moving as well. Not 40 miles, but only a floor down. The room currently beneath me with soon be my new room, my own room (no more annoying sharing... ugh).

I'm pretty sure I'll be settling in my new room before August 18th, but alas, there is no wireless internet connection, yet (I'm using my laptop for things like this from now on). Don't expect many updates around moving time.

I won't be leaving the nest, the nest will be leaving me.

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