Saturday, August 18, 2007

Moving Day

The Budget truck drove away a little before 1 o' clock and with that, 18 years worth of taking everything and everyone in that apartment for granted has finally caught up with me.

The reality of not getting to see my mom, brother, and sister everyday anymore when waking up didn't hit me when I first found out that the move date was set and we had to start packing. Even when all the little keepsakes that were found buried in 18 years worth of junk kept getting passed over the me, it still didn't occur to me that change was coming and change was going to happen whether I liked it or not. Hell, the wave of realization didn't hit me until just before my mom, Joe, and Chelsea. It was tough to hold back any tears and being choked up didn't help at all, but I pulled through.

I'm the sensitive type of person,
with a heart of gold built out of paper.
I had a home and a loving family to boot,
I could've never felt safer.

Now that years had passed,
the winds of change,
were bound to come around.
The company I had taken for granted,
have a new home that they've found.

No more mom with her coffee and news in the mornin',
no more crowd around the window when it starts stormin'.
No more sister calling for mom to get her own way
(though it wasn't always fair, it was part of my day).
No more zings across the dinner table and laughter at the victim's expense,
and no more moans and groans when I decide to add my two cents.

I took time to wonder why I'm so upset,
I figured it out, and I'll never forget:

When you're fighting with Change, Change will always win.
Today, as I sit here, I realize my adult life will truly begin.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Jon...
That was really good!
Don't worry though, we haven't fallen off the face of the earth, we're just a short train ride away!
Not to mention that little invention called the telephone, lol!
There will be many get togethers where you can catch up on your 2 cents (wink) just remember to bring your soap box with you when you visit, LOL!

Love You Always...MOM