Friday, August 31, 2007

She's not epileptic!

(((If you're lost, refer to this, this, and this)))

On Wednesday, Nicole got the results from her doctor and the news is good.

Nicole's mother (8:44:54 PM): basically, what the dr said is that Nicole is not a true epileptic and that they will be weaning her off her meds over a 2 month period but not until May when school is over.

Me (8:45:12 PM): ah
Me (8:45:26 PM): so it was more of a once-in-a-lifetime thing?

Nicole's mother (8:46:08 PM): she does have the gene and has the potential to have more seizures but a true epileptic is someone who has at least 2 seizures in a specific span.

Nicole's mother (8:46:35 PM): could be she may not have any more but time will tell.

Me (8:46:55 PM): ah, interesting
Me (8:47:07 PM): any reasoning about her initial seizure?

Nicole's mother (8:47:10 PM): no

Needless to say, everyone is relieved now for the most part. Here's to no more seizures (hopefully)!

4 days of college down, many more to go.

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