Saturday, September 1, 2007

What's in a label? (No, this is not a sociopolitical rant)

Ah, blog filler just in time for the Labor Day weekend. This entry will clear up what the labels are at the bottom of each entry and what the blog entry will usually be about.

Firstly, labels (in the world of blogging) are words attached to a blog entry that, in a sense, organize them for the writer, and for you, the reader, to go straight to the entires that pertain to your interests.

That being said, let me begin.

blog - Any entry that contains information about my blog, or someone else's blog, or about blogs in general. This entry will be labeled as such.

girlfriend - Any entry that has anything to do with my lovely lady, Nicole. (*big smile*)

love - A blog entry that bases its theme around love. It shouldn't be a surprise if you see "girlfriend" and "love" in the same label entry.

opinion piece - A thought out entry that deals with an issue. Be it political or something else, if I have something to say, this label is for it.

personal - An entry that dives into my personal life, and by personal life, I mean things I usually wouldn't tell a stranger, but information that wouldn't get me sent up Shit Creek.

rant - An opinionated entry, but with some anger thrown in for good(?) measure.

religion - Not a label I will use often, but it's here just in case.

satire - An entry filled to the brim with sarcasm. Think "rant", but I'm not angry, I'm just making fun of something.

school - College related entries.

social - Entries dealing with social related events in my life... or if I'm writing about a controversial issue that is sociopolitical.

weather - Ah, a classic hobby of mine. If I'm bitching about why we didn't get snow, you'll see this label.

Enjoy the weekend.

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