Thursday, October 25, 2007

One is The Loneliest Number...

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking something bad has happened between Nicole and I. Well, you'd be only half right.

You see, Nicole's work schedule has made it so we're unable to see each other for 13 days. This is Day 4.

Oh, sure, you may think that's nothing dreadfully bad, but to the both of us, it's painful. Emotionally painful.

Abstinence DOES make the heart grow fonder...

Bugjon123 (8:06:02 PM): I love you
"Nicole" (8:06:49 PM): i love you too
"Nicole" (8:12:22 PM): i love you with all my heart and soul
Bugjon123 (8:12:48 PM): I love you more than anything in this world
"Nicole" (8:13:38 PM): you mean the world to me
Bugjon123 (8:14:38 PM): You mean everything to me
"Nicole" (8:26:05 PM): we are so well together
Bugjon123 (8:26:19 PM): That's right
"Nicole" (8:28:26 PM): hopefully we will go further in life
Bugjon123 (8:28:42 PM): I'd give up anything for that
"Nicole" (8:29:14 PM): so would i

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