Friday, October 12, 2007

Pet Peeves

I figured it's been long enough before a new blog post and I noticed I never really posted anything straight-forwarded regarding things I hate. Therefore, the following list consists of my top 5 pet peeves, five things I actually had to think about. I didn't expect to spend a large amount of time on these 5 things, but I was wrong. Without further ado...

Jon Ace's 5 Biggest Pet Peeves

5. Excessive cursing
While I'm not one the most cleanly spoken person on this earth, it just irks me when someone uses curse words as it was part of their vocabulary. Granted, I'm desensitized to obscenity, so I'm usually unfazed when someone curses. However, if I begin to notice the usage of bad language by someone, especially by someone I'm with, and especially when in the presence of strangers, well, it gets slightly embarrassing (you know who you are).

4. Closed-mindedness
This is more directed to those who usually refuse to hear the arguments of the opposing side (extremistchristians). It's synonymous with talking to a wall when talking to someone closed-minded and it's, in some cases, insulting.

3. Egotism
It is healthy to toot one's horn sometimes, but for some people, tooting simply isn't enough. Hell it goes from a toot to a full one-man symphony, and it gets old fast. If I want hot air, I'll gladly take a hair dryer over an egotist.

2. Open-mouth chewing
My younger brother is the source of this pet peeve. Nauseating and unappetizing (depending on the type of food and how obvious the chewing is). I've gotten my fair share of "seefood", so this is why it's not #1 on this list.

1. Hovering
If I was paid for every time I had to scare someone off for hovering around me, I'd be slightly wealthier. Alas, I'm not. Hovering leads to nosiness and nosiness leads to lack of privacy and questions of "What's that?" or, more a embarrassing, "What the fuck?". Privacy is a big concern of mine and hovering is the precursor of losing privacy, hence, this is my number one pet peeve.

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