Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Fat Truth

In this audio entry, I discuss the controversy over Jennifer Love Hewitt's Ass... what?



Anonymous said...

Goddamn she's a pig. lol. Look, if you want to step in front of a global microscope, expect to be judged. if u gladly ride the wave of sex symbol, and accept the praise on your looks, then u have to take critisism as well when u scarf down one too many double beef burritos and then go out in public in skimpy clothing. JLH wants to have her cake and eat it too (probably literally judging by her cottage cheese ass). it is what it is. we're only allowed to have opinions if we've giving praise on her thin body. but STFU on opinions that aren't praise. hypocrits.

Anonymous said...

OMG ARE YOU ANOREXIC OR SOMETHING? JLH is FAR FAR FAR from fat! She has a good figure and should be proud of it. Wot the hell is rong with you people? What has the Media created! There are very very young girls STARVING themselves and doing serious damage to their health to become skinny!! Whats rong with being a healthy size 10 or 12? GROW UP PEOPLE!!!! She looks stunning so get over yourselves!!!!!

Specter_vajra_monkey said...

Hollywood can suck my penis. (Which they'd probably criticise anyway.)
Most of the people labellig JLH as fat are probably pretty tubby themselves.
Personally I find her physique absolutely flawless.
Her boobs particularly. ^.^

mazhar said...

Darn it! this world can be crazy. I think she looks absolutely scrumptious, sexy, gorgeous and totally "all woman".

Anonymous said...

Damn Jennifer love Hewitt's ASS is HUGE! She is definately trying to have her cake and eat it to! Fat Bitch is obvious Fat Bitch!