Sunday, February 17, 2008


You put your heart and soul into a relationship hoping you won't regret it. You go years without a bump in the road, until someone slips up. When it happens, you can't believe it has. You can't look at them the same way anymore. Sure, after so long you're bound to give them a break, but is it really a break? Or is it a one way ticket to Paranoia? Now that it has happened, you're not sure if you can trust them anymore. They lied straight to your face. They smile and say "I didn't do it", but in reality, they don't want to admit it, regardless of the insurmountable evidence before them/you. Sure, you'll be the same way; not wanting to believe it... until it happens. The denial goes away and you think you're in the clear, but lo and behold it strikes you. Hurts you. Changes you. Makes you wish that it was all just... a very bad dream...

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