Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Spring 2008 - First Impressions

I'll make this as quick and painless as possible.

Urban Studies 101
Impression: A cross between Jeff Goldblum and Andy Dick, appearance-wise. While sarcastic and sometimes witty, he knows how to teach. One gripe I have though is his tendency to remind me of a high school teacher, calling out those who are "distracting" him. Yes, I know it is his class, but it's painful to remember back to the annoying high school days where we were seen as children rather than young adults...

VERDICT: Thumbs up.

Political Science 101
Impression: Soft spoken and dry. He comes off as a good professor, but it's boring. I've caught myself falling asleep on more than one occasion. Here's hoping he improves.

VERDICT: Slight thumbs up.

Philosophy 109 (Modern Logic)
Impression: All around okay professor. He's intelligent, but sometimes too intelligent. That is, he'll ramble on about something related to the subject at hand, but leaves us in the dust. He does, however, attempt to clear up any confusion more than once.

VERDICT: Slight thumbs up.

Comparative Literature 102W
Impression: uhhh... A professor that I uhhh... don't think should teach here and uhhh... should really learn that uhhh... we don't all speed uhhhh... read...



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