Monday, April 21, 2008

Philosophical Argument: Musical Piracy

My brother and I always seem to find our way into deep conversation about the world whenever he's around. The last discussion we had was about how illegally downloading music shouldn't be illegal because there's a glaring double standard when you look at music as if it was an art form (and it is) instead of a form of entertainment.

My Philosophical Argument For The Piracy of Music

(1) Music is a form of art.

(2) A painting is a form of art.

(3) A painting can be downloaded off the internet and viewed.

(4) A piece of music can be downloaded off the internet and listened to.

(5) However, downloading a painting is legal, while downloading certain pieces of music is illegal.

(6) If both a painting and a piece of music are considered art, then they should both be treated equally.

(7) Therefore, it should either be legal or illegal to download forms of art off the internet.

(8) If downloading a painting is not illegal, then downloading a piece of music is justified.

In a nutshell, downloading a painting should become illegal or music piracy is justified. It's not theft.

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