Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Winner / A Little Experiment

GTA IVOn Monday, I received an e-mail from Polls Boutique and I found out that I won a copy of Grand Theft Auto 4. One day I saw that they were holding a contest and all you had to. This is surprising to me because I never won anything in a contest before. Unfortunately for me, I don't have an Xbox 360, so I'm going to have to sell my prize. But because I won I figured I should mention Polls Boutique. No, this is not a ploy for you to find out about this website I just feel obligated to tell you.

In a nutshell PollsBoutique.Com is a website where you can make your own polls for other people to vote on. While it seems reasonable that that would become boring after awhile it's pretty addicting.

Now before I forget, I want to do a little experiment at the bottom of this page. Google scans the Internet so I'm going to make the most original statement on the Internet.

"This is the most original statement on the Internet. If you put it in quotation marks, you'll find that this will be the only result that Google will show. If not, then someone took my idea."

This post was made available to you using software that allows me to talk and it will type for me. Lazy, ain't I?

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