Friday, June 6, 2008

Hot Town, Summer in the City

Starting tomorrow the first heat wave in recent memory will be affecting the NYC area.

What was first predicted to be a three-day heat wave may very well be four days long, lasting up to Tuesday as of 3pm EDT today. The hottest day of this heat wave is Monday, with a high temperature of 95. It shouldn't be forgotten that the humidity will be very high and that means the heat index, what the air temperature feels like when you include humidity and dew point, will be in the near 100, maybe even 105.

For those of you in NYC and use Con Edison, Con Ed has created a power outage map so you can keep an eye on the area's power problems (however, it's not really useful if YOUR house is out of power).

I can only imagine the Thunderstorm backlash we might get after this...

Stay cool and drink plenty of water!

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