Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hungry for Waffles... and Change! / Toilet Bowl Economy makes me hungry... for change (and waffles)!

If political satire couldn't get anymore closer to crossing the line, Bob DeMoss and Mark Whitlock made it happen.

I'm still waiting on publicized McCain satire... unless him speaking is satire in itself.

Toilet Bowl Economy

In other news, the United States economy is in the shitter. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, the leading tool used to gage how the US economy is functioning, is down 20% for the year-to-date.

Also, AIG was bailed out by the government recently. Say what you will, but I don't think a capitalist nation bails out companies, especially with tax payer money. If AIG, along with a few other companies (I'm looking at you, Freddie and Fannie), was smart, then would not have taken advantage of the repealed credit laws.

Greed should be a foreshadowing of bad karma...

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