Friday, September 19, 2008

ITLPD (Land Hoooooo!)

International Talk Like a Pirate DayImage via WikipediaArgh! Avast ye landlubbers!
It be talk like a pirate day today!

Me seafarin' hearty name, courtesy o' this site, shall be:

Pirate Seamus the Pale


In case ye're also wonderin', Obama's name would be:

Cap'n Tobias Roughknuckles

...and McCain's:

Pirate Barney the Well-Tanned


Yes, International Talk Like a Pirate Day comes once a year...

Some pirate booty for ye:

English-to-Pirate Translator
Pirate Name Generator (in case you missed it)
Pirate Jokes

Coming Soon: Renal Wars: The Kidneys Strike Back

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