Thursday, October 23, 2008

Give Them An Inch...

Where's the public referendum?

Today, New York City Council voted, 29-22, in favor of Bloomberg's amendment to NYC law that effectively allows him (and other city officials) to run for a 3rd term.

I don't like Bloomberg. I want him out of City Hall. Let him go back to running his company like a company instead of New York City like a company.

The ONLY reason this passed is because a majority of members in City council are on their 2nd term. This amendment lets them run for another term as well. I wish I had job security like that.

This was a biased vote. You're, in a sense, handing a bunch of "halfway-out-the-door" city officials a bill and saying, "Hey, vote Aye on this if you want to work for another term."

Again, where's the public referendum? It's most likely going to be on NYC's election day when I'll be sure to vote against Bloomberg and all his cronies in City Council.
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