Thursday, October 23, 2008

October-November 2008 Diet: Weigh-in #2

This week's goal:
October 23rd: 178 pounds

178.4 pounds
-0.22 pounds of fat lost
-0.98 pounds of muscle lost (not good)

I'm still having trouble with the whole snacking when I'm not suppose to deal. I slipped constantly during the ALCS (Rays kicked Bosox ass) and even as recent as yesterday. The amount of junk food around the house has dwindled, so it should be a little easier to control my urges to snack on said food. I was behind my goal by only .4 pounds, I better step it up.

Future goals:

October 30th: 175.3 (Would be lowest since early January 2008)
November 6th: 172.6 (Would be lowest since late December 2007)
November 13th: 169.9 (Goal hopefully reached; would be lowest since Christmas 2007)


I have to lose 3 pounds in one week. It seems unhealthy and probably is. Instead of just calorie restriction, I think it's time to step it up with more walking. I'm thinking that one day of walking that I did last Saturday saved me from a disappointing week. I'm not all that confident on reaching 175.3 pounds. I'm predicting 177.2 pounds.
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