Monday, October 13, 2008

Weight Watcher V: One Long Month Ahead

Today I noticed one of my close neighbors, and a family friend, looked thinner. I thought it was her recent change of hair style, but I was surprised that it was really a drop in weight.

What did she do?

She cut back. It was as simple as that. Smaller portions and more restraint on snacking. She lost 9 pounds in one month. An excellent and very health loss of weight. This was with no change in exercise.

A Shocking Readout

A few nights ago, I checked my weigh. This was an unofficial weigh-in. It was late in the evening and I expected it to be high, but not 185 pounds. That would be an all-time high since recording began in December 2007.

It has come down to 182 in a recent unofficial weigh-in. However, it is still higher than the last official weigh-in (180.4).

The Road to 170

I declared it to my grandmother, I'll declare it to you now:

I plan to bring my weigh to at least 170 by November 13th.

My official weigh-ins take place on Thursday mornings. You can see my stats (which are averaged) here.

Now, at my current weight of 182, I would need to lose 12 pounds in 31 days. Mathematically speaking, that's 3 pounds per week or 0.39 pounds per day.

Taking that in mind, here is my road map:

October 16th: 180.8 (Seems simple, this is actually higher than my last weigh-in)
October 23rd: 178 (Would be lowest since late August)
October 30th: 175.3 (Would be lowest since early January 2008)
November 6th: 172.6 (Would be lowest since late December 2007)
November 13th: 169.9 (Goal hopefully reached; would be lowest since Christmas 2007)

I will halt any muscle gain and focus on my diet. It's the junk food that's screwing me over. No more crap. It's time to lose fat.

Every Thursday, I'll post a blurb on how I'm doing. Here's hoping this sticks...

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