Thursday, November 13, 2008

October-November 2008 Diet: Final Weigh-in

This week's goal:
November 13th: 169.9

174.2 pounds
-0.27 pounds of fat
-1.13 pounds of muscle

Okay, so I did not reach my final goal of 170. However, I did bring my weight down to levels not seen since January 2008 (10 months ago).

Since my diet started between two weigh-ins, the data below takes place from October 9th to November 13th.

Weight Line Graph

The blue line is the moving average. I believe it's a 7-day or 14-day MA.
The black line is the trend line. It's sloping negative just the way I want it.

Muscle/Fat Graph

The graph on the left is my lean muscle mass (in pounds). The graph on the right is my fatty mass (in pounds).


From October 9th to November 13th:

0.69 pounds of muscle were lost...
5.51 pounds of fat were lost!
6.2 pounds overall were lost! ((A rate of ~1.24 lb/week. A healthy weight loss.))


This diet was a success. Not as much fat was lost as I had hoped, but I did bring my weight down to a long lost level. The future brings a continuation of this diet. I've started getting into the habit of looking at calories before I eat, drinking more water, and not snacking too much between meals. Because I had my kidney biopsy recently, I cannot do any weigh lifting, so that's why my muscle was lost. However, I can restart my weight training on the 24th.

I'd like to see 170 by New Year's Day. That is a very possible goal now, especially since my rate of weigh loss is a little over 1 pound per week on average. Once I hit 170, I will work on bringing my fat down to 10% of my body weight. It's currently around 18.9%.

If I had to make a prediction: If I continue on this diet all the way to New Year's Day and beyond, I can see my weight anywhere between 170.7 and 160.2. A wide range of course, but anything can happen.
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