Saturday, November 8, 2008

Renal Wars: Then to Now

Way back in November of last year, my doctor noticed a high amount of Creatinine in my urine. After a few subsequent visits (each separated by a few months), she referred me to a nephrologist (kidney doctor) because my creatinine levels were not changing, but getting worse, and my protein levels were also higher, which is not good.

After about 3 months worth of kidney sonograms, 2-24 hour urine tests, an uncountable amount of bloodwork, the kidney doctor deduced that I have Chronic Kidney Disease, Stage 2. Both kidneys combined are working at only 50% efficiency.

CKD is an incurable disease. However, the cause of the CKD can be treated and could halt further damage to my kidneys.

Fast-forward to the last 2 weeks:

I just had a kidney biopsy done on my right kidney yesterday to determine what has caused this CKD. The radiologist who performed said biopsy told me that a biopsy is a desperation move. That is, the kidney doctor has no idea what is causing the progressive loss of my kidney functions.

The mortality rate for people with CKD is depressing at the most. The silver-lining in my case is that this was caught early.

On November 25th, I'll hopefully have the results from the biopsy.

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