Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Time Warner vs. Viacom

Fucking Viacom.

They fucked with Neopets (don't ask...), now they want to fuck with Time Warner.

At 12:01am, Viacom will be pulling 19 channels off of Time Warner. That's about 13 million subscribers left in the dark without MTV (I hate MTV), Nickelodeon (won't someone please think of the children!), and Comedy Central (alert Stephen Colbert!), among a few others.

Of course, Viacom has TW by the balls. They seek to charge an extra $0.25 per customer to carry their channels. Since the deadline is so close, Viacom probably figures Time Warner won't fight. They thought wrong, and now it looks as though the consumer shall get screwed... again...

Viacom can bite me.

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Goodbye 2008

It's that time again!

December 31st has a long standing (4 years, right?) tradition on my blog as being the day I look back at the last 365 days and see how they were. A reflection if you will.

The only thing that stands out this entire year was the fact that I survived one entire year half way on my own. I say half way because my landlord is also my grandmother. I've still got a watchful eye on me, more or less.

My New Year's resolution for 2008 was:

"Lose the 'protective layer of fat over my rock hard abs' and form a habit of staying in shape."

I can safely say my health, specifically my weight, has been on the positive side. Not positive as in weight gain, but as in control. Losing 6 and a half pounds in a few months is an accomplishment and I believe I partially fulfilled my resolution (Until recently, a combination of Prednisone and illness has thrown my system completely off, gaining 10 pounds in a week, hopefully just water weight, more on that later).

My New Year's Resolution for the year of 2009 is:

"Set up my springboard into true adulthood. Better physical fitness and better cognitive reasoning (thinking before I make rash decisions, or better thinking in general). It's time to grab life by the horns."

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Early Gift From Mother Nature

Just enjoying the snow show from Mother Nature. Looks like it's going to go over to sleet soon enough.

About 2" on the ground.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Iraqi Man Attempts Assault on US President... With Shoes

Firstly, the event in question:

...and a little background of "shoe throwing" in Arab culture.

You see, the only reason Bush was able to dodge this is that when you're learning the ropes as President of the United States, they place extreme emphasis on dodging shit.

Iraqi journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi, you have earned a Jonathan Ace Gold Star, for showing the world you've got balls. Now, If only I could get around to designing one...

Here's to you:

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Prognosis: Painful

When I was 13, I always had the strangest feelings. No, not those feelings...

I always had the feeling that my life would end early. Don't ask why, it was one of those random thoughts that pop into your head, and you dwell on it for a while, but brush it off as it sounds ridiculous.

In my case, I didn't really brush these thoughts aside. They would always come back to me and I would think about it. Just think. It would scare me. The thought of death is its worst when you know you're not immortal and there is very little you can do.

I came across this tonight:

Prognosis is poor. Spontaneous remissions occur in < 10% of patients. Renal failure occurs in > 50% of patients within 10 yr; in 20%, end-stage renal disease occurs within 2 yr, despite treatment. The disease is more rapidly progressive in adults than in children. The presence of segmental sclerosis consistently at the glomerular pole where the tubule originates (tip lesion) may portend a more favorable response to corticosteroid therapy. Another variant, in which the capillary walls are wrinkled or collapsed (collapsing glomerulopathy), suggests more severe disease and rapid progression to renal failure.

In essence, I have a 50/50 chance of getting screwed by life within 10 years.

If you're a family member of mine, and you're reading this, look into kidney transplants. Please.

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Big 3 Bullies

Free market economy my ass.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Renal Wars: Attack of the 'Roids

Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis.

That's what I have. Unfortunately, even though there are causes for this, in my case, there isn't.

Glomerulosclerosis is when the tiny cells in the tissue of the kidneys leak protein. It is treatable. It can be put into remission. However, the damage that has already been done, is done. Unless

The pathology office recommends steroids, which I will begin taking tomorrow, along with Nexium, to offset any ulcers that could form. Now, when I say "steroids", I don't mean the anabolic, nut-shrinking kind. Cortocoseroids (Prednisone) are, thankfully, much different. They will help the kidney tissue stop leaking protein (hopefully). I was also happy to find out these types of 'roids treat asthma (which I've had for some time, but haven't had an attack in YEARS) and allergies (hay fever will be the death of me).

I will also be going to see my nephrologist much more often now. This is to make sure if anything happens during the course of my treatment, he'll know about and be able to do what he needs to do.
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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


It might seem unusual for those who know me well, but I have a knack for organizing things cognitively. An example of this would be that I like to break up my life into "eras".

Currently, I'm in my Romeo Era (also known as the Nicole Era, named after my girlfriend, Nicole).

Today, I feel that I'm heading for a crossroad. Not a fork in the road. A fork in the road implies that we only have two choices (usually two, but a fork has 4 prongs). The metaphor of a fork in the road ignores the idea that we can not only go a few ways, we can leave the road altogether.

A crossroad sounds better for this point in my life. The crossroad features a multitude of paths, coming in at various angles, all with their bumps and cracks, and occasional animal carcasses. Think of an asterisk.

Gone are the days of following what's laid out in front of me; a road with few twists and turns, dips and climbs, walls and doors to open. The roads I may travel now can go in circles, lead me back to whence I came, bring me to the pinnacle of human perfection or drag me down to the depths of Hell.

Although what the next few years bring me may be a mystery, I have the ability to alter what can happen. I can take a step towards where few dare to tread.

I can get off the road and live.

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