Tuesday, December 2, 2008


It might seem unusual for those who know me well, but I have a knack for organizing things cognitively. An example of this would be that I like to break up my life into "eras".

Currently, I'm in my Romeo Era (also known as the Nicole Era, named after my girlfriend, Nicole).

Today, I feel that I'm heading for a crossroad. Not a fork in the road. A fork in the road implies that we only have two choices (usually two, but a fork has 4 prongs). The metaphor of a fork in the road ignores the idea that we can not only go a few ways, we can leave the road altogether.

A crossroad sounds better for this point in my life. The crossroad features a multitude of paths, coming in at various angles, all with their bumps and cracks, and occasional animal carcasses. Think of an asterisk.

Gone are the days of following what's laid out in front of me; a road with few twists and turns, dips and climbs, walls and doors to open. The roads I may travel now can go in circles, lead me back to whence I came, bring me to the pinnacle of human perfection or drag me down to the depths of Hell.

Although what the next few years bring me may be a mystery, I have the ability to alter what can happen. I can take a step towards where few dare to tread.

I can get off the road and live.

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