Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Time Warner vs. Viacom

Fucking Viacom.

They fucked with Neopets (don't ask...), now they want to fuck with Time Warner.

At 12:01am, Viacom will be pulling 19 channels off of Time Warner. That's about 13 million subscribers left in the dark without MTV (I hate MTV), Nickelodeon (won't someone please think of the children!), and Comedy Central (alert Stephen Colbert!), among a few others.

Of course, Viacom has TW by the balls. They seek to charge an extra $0.25 per customer to carry their channels. Since the deadline is so close, Viacom probably figures Time Warner won't fight. They thought wrong, and now it looks as though the consumer shall get screwed... again...

Viacom can bite me.

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