Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back to the Books

Today was my 2nd full day of Spring 2009 classes.

Here's what I'm taking this semester:

Accounting 101
Astronomy 002
Tap I (That's tap dancing, FYI)
Urban Studies 153: Neighborhoods (Think Sociology, but in a smaller scope)

So far, only one of my professors is a bore. I have yet to meet my Urban Studies professor, but her reviews over at RateMyProfessors show promise.

"Fit By The Fifth" Update

I'm gaining muscle. A lot of muscle. For example, my bicep muscles have gone up 1" over the last few weeks. That, in my opinion, is impressive. I can also do 61 push-ups in 5 sets (12.2 average per set) and 148 crunches in 5 sets (29.6 average per set).

My fat loss may have halted. After hitting an approximate of 33.5 pounds, it has clawed its way up to 33.8. Sure, a .2 pound fat gain in 2 weeks doesn't seem bad at all, but in my book, its a failure.

I want my fat weight under 30 pounds (3.8 pounds to go) and my muscle mass over 140 pounds (4.8 pounds ahead of my goal), at the very least.

Two weigh-ins to go...
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