Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Prednisone Pain (Those Darn Leg Cramps)

Imagine you're sleeping soundly without a care in the world. Then suddenly, someone stabs you in the calf muscle with a knife.

That has been the last few mornings in a nutshell for me. Leg cramps ("charley horse") are once again a highlight of my day. It's the prednisone that's causing it. Luckily, I think my doctor may start lowering my dosage. I'll find out today when I go see him. I'll also know if the medicine is doing anything for my FSGS.

A piece of advice: If your doctor ever needs you to go on prednisone, be ready for the side effects. There is a long list of them and I'm sure not everyone gets the same set. Weight the pros and cons before diving head-first like I did. You'll be happy you did.

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Sarah said...

I hope your calves start behaving themselves! I got my first Charley horse just this week!

leg cramps at night said...

Oooh I know what you mean by a stab in the calf muscle. Seriously, one the worst kinds of pains you can get, leaves ya out of breath. Totally understand you there.