Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bluntly Obvious

With the whole Michael Phelps bong picture out for the whole world to see, it raises a serious question on how we, in the United States, treat pot smokers.

Firstly, to clear the air, I'm for the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana. Not just because this futile War on Drugs puts people in prison (and subsequently increases state and federal spending to support these inmates; for example, $52.90 per day per inmate in Florida), but also because there is a glaring hypocrisy when you compare pot smoking and alcohol consumption.

My Philosophical Argument Justifying The Decriminalization of Marijuana

(1) Both marijuana and alcohol are used for recreational purposes.

(2) Both marijuana and alcohol have short-term (poor reaction time, loss of coordination) and long-term (alcoholism/addiction) effects.

(3) Alcohol is advertised with a stern reminder of "Please Drink Responsibly" and is considered a commodity in the United States.

(4) There are laws that prohibit the use and sale of alcohol to minors.

(5) Since (1) & (2), either alcohol should be banned or marijuana should be legalized, made into a commodity with the same type of laws (4), and advertised with a stern reminder of "Please Smoke Responsibly".

(6) Alcohol will not be banned as it has failed before.

(7) Since (5) & (6), marijuana should be decriminalized and legalized.


At a financial point of view, having a marijuana industry, an industry that can be taxed to hell and back much like the cigarette industry, will bring about another stream of revenue for our failing economy. Legalize and capitalize.

Going back to my initial statement, we should treat pot smokers just like drinkers or cigarette smokers. Hold them to the same laws and taxes, but at the same time, let them have their fun.

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