Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Day That Got Away

Ejecting matter from the stomach thru the mouthImage by bayat via Flickr

It was 1:30 in the morning on February 16th. The chicken quesadilla, nachos belgrande, and 5 slices of various Domino's pizza decided to revolt... and revolt they did. I knew I had eaten too much the day before, but I didn't think it would lead to one of the worst nights-no-mornings-no-DAYS of my life.

Hell hath no fury like the the eruption of food particles and chunks, and a whole lot of various stomach fluids.

Not long after the first bout of unsightly vomiting, the second round began. I can safely say, some sort of liquid came out of every one of my orifices, save for my ears. Note that I said liquid. When I say liquid, I mean as liquid as tap water, but not as clean looking.

Sitting on a toilet at 2... or 3... or 4 in the morning, with only a waste basket as your friend and the hope that blacking out is not far off, is not fun in any sense. I seriously considered going to the hospital, if only I had the strength to get up (I would later find out that going to the hospital would have been a good idea since dehydration was setting in, and with my kidney problems this exacerbated the situation).

The rest of my day consisted of laying the bed, drinking water and OJ, trying to fall asleep while hoping I don't throw up (I didn't, thankfully).

This stomach virus has thrown me off completely in all aspects of my life. Especially in the health section, where I've lost 7.5 pounds (mostly, if not all, muscle which is not good at all), I'm back up to 180 pounds as of this morning and I'm sure it's combination of water weight and muscle gain as my calorie intake has taken a huge hit.

It'll be back to business on Monday whether my stomach is ready or not.

This entry is dedicated to my grandma because she's sick in bed in Atlantic City instead of enjoying herself and hitting it big because she caught the same stomach virus that I have. Go figure...
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