Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fit By The Fifth? Eh...

It depends on how you look at the numbers:

As you can see here, 174 pounds was a pipe dream. You could argue that it might have been muscle that caused this weight gain. Sadly, that isn't the case as seen below.

The columns shown here are as follows: Date, Suprailiac skinfold (mm), Weight (lbs), Body fat (%), Estimated fat weight (lb), Estimated muscle mass (lbs).

My analysis of this is bittersweet. While my body fat % stayed the same due to my supra numbers staying well within the 18.9% range, the amount of fat on me barely changed, which is against what I was hoping to achieve. I show a very nice gain in muscle mass (~4 pounds), but a loss of fat, not a gain, would have been much better. The following waist line graph (in inches) supplements this unfortunate realization:

So what's next for me? Cardio and lots of it.

50 jumping jacks
30 climbers
20 burpees
10 push-ups
10 crunches
Repeat (x2)

30 minutes of cardio at my weight will burn about 300 calories. If I do this everyday, a net loss, after including any free weight lifting, walking, and a calorie deficit I create, of near 3000 calories, (~0.8 pounds of fat) is possible.

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