Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Trouble Ahead

The MTA has approved their so-called doomsday budget plan.

The straphangers of New York better be collectively sharpening their pitchforks... or at least oiling their bike chains.

MTA Hike/Service Cut Proposals (link)

Proposal 1 is the one they voted for.

It's a damn shame really. We New Yorkers can't really blame the MTA 100%. The goons up in Albany have time and time again screwed the MTA out of fair funding.

For example:
"The MTA also assumes that Albany will begin sending it more money. For years, state tax dollars that were supposed to go directly to the MTA were absorbed into the state's general budget."

Assumptions are bad, but not getting tax dollars intended for the MTA is worse.

If you're a New Yorker who is tired of seeing public transportation becoming more of financial hassle, contact your Senator and Assembly person. These hikes won't go into effect until June. There's still time for a... you guessed it, bailout... right? RIGHT?!

Daily News Source

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