Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Renal Wars: The Doctor Menace

Late February? No? March 5th? NO?! How about March 12th? Yeah, March 12th, three damn weeks later than I expected.

To all you doctors out there, don't let the nurses do the dirty work when it comes to canceling on a patient who is on a medication that needs either, a) close observation, b) a strict period of treatment and then a "weening" period, or c) both.

At least give a REASON...

Anyway, I fall under category (c). I'm also lucky my pharmacist is a helpful person or I'd be in the ER with adrenal shock.

Prednisone is a hell of a drug.

Tomorrow I, hopefully - since Jamaica Hospital hasn't called today to screw me over yet again, see my Nephorologist and get the results of a 24-hour urine test that I did almost a month ago. This would be a biggie as this test was done during the peak of my prednisone treatment. If a certain doctor didn't cancel twice on me, I would probably be of this horrible drug by now. Don't get me wrong, I haven't had one allergy related problem since December. It's awesome to know hay fever has nothing on me when this drug is in my system. Though, it's a damn shame when you gain a double chin and a really bad temper (as if I didn't have one already...).

More news tomorrow. Same bat time, same bat channel!
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