Friday, March 13, 2009

Renal Wars: "Screw it, I'm out of Star Wars titles."

So after a 5-hour wait to see my kidney doctor, I've got another bunch of tests to do. One of which is a creatinine clearance test. A urine test in which my kidney function is somewhat more accurately estimated versus a normal 24-hour protein count. This will be followed by the usual blood work, a fasting blood work, which is a pain in the ass because you cannot eat AT ALL. Oh well.

My creatinine level is up to 1.9 (from 1.6 in January). This is not good, but nothing to be too alarmed about. Also, depending on the results from the CC, I'll be starting to come off the prednisone. Finally!

I'll know for sure in 2 weeks.

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