Sunday, March 29, 2009

Trading One Problem For Another / 10k a Day / The Fight For 170

Alright, so I've got a 3-in-1 deal for you today. Plenty of things have happened since my last post, so it's about time I update you, the reader.

Trading One Problem For Another

The good news: My kidney functions are improving. My creatinine levels have dropped noticeably, from 1.9 last month to 1.5. This new level is still abnormal by about .2, but I haven't seen a number this low unless I go back about 2 years when this whole problem started. My creatinine clearance test came back with positive results; an improvement in overall kidney function. I also will begin tapering down on the damn prednisone by 10mg a week starting tomorrow (I'll be completely off it by May!).

The bad news: I have high cholesterol. This is genetic, so the least I can do is cut back on my dairy intake (cheeses) because I'm sure that's not helping the problem at all. I've started Lipitor (for the cholesterol) and a small doseage of Lisinopril (to prevent hypertension, a leading cause of renal failure, which could be a cause for this entire mess in the first place).

So, I'm doing a trade-in: FSGS for high cholesterol and hypertension. Not too bad. The latter problems are very treatable.

10k a Day

I'm recently coming off a two-day high of 10k steps walked. This is in preparation to walk an average of 10,000 in the month of April. That's at least 300,000 in total for that month. My legs are already feeling the increase in activity (usual muscle soreness and a slight increase in muscle cramps), but I'll be taking it as it comes.

The Fight for 170

Now that I'm going to begin coming of the Prednisone, this is a good time for me to reboot my fitness. The first step is to regain control of my diet. While my calorie intake has been much more tolerable compared to past, it's still not acceptable. That is, I still go over 2,000 calories a day (not by much, maybe 200 to 400 more than needed).

I call the above chart: The Prednisone Rollercoaster.

Thankfully, it fits into a tread that occurs with my weight. I follow a jump-and-drop pattern. My weight goes up after a steep decline and drops after a steep rise (and so on and so forth). In the next month, I can hope for a drop in total weight should this tread prove true.

My short-term goal, which begins April 1st and lasts until June 1st, is to bring my total weight back under 180 (150 pounds of muscle; 30 pounds of fat [~16.6% body fat] OR 145 pounds of muscle and 35 pounds of fat [~19.4% body fat]). The latter being more realistic, the former being the ultimate short-term goal.

My long-term goal, which I'm hoping to reach by the end of July, is to have a body weight of 170. That would consist of a muscle mass of 150 pounds and 20 pounds of body fat (~11.7% body fat). This goal will be tough to reach since an 11% body fat percentage is considered athletic by some standards.

My limits: I MUST not go under 140 pounds of muscle. I MUST not have more than 40 pounds of fat on me.

I'll be formulating a plan of action in the coming days. I'll post it here so if anybody wants to join me, feel free to do so.
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