Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hellish Health

Spring break sapped a majority of my urge to write. I'm back now to update you, the reader, on what's been happening:

Chiny Chin Chin
The last 30 days have not been good to me in the health department. It seems a combination of poor diet, lack of commitment to my 10k a day plan, and two new drugs in my system (including the removal of Prednisone) has lead to a gain of weight. Luckily, I'll be using a treadmill daily starting around May 1st (delivery permitting) and I aim to burn 1,000 calories per day.

The weight graph for the last 30 days paints a painful picture.

I believe I'm also being affected by hypotension (low blood pressure). I suffered a vasovagal episode on Wednesday. Not fun.

Tough Goals Ahead

The following is a repeat of my goals for the foreseeable future (for my benefit):

My short-term goal, which begins April 1st and lasts until June 1st, is to bring my total weight back under 180 (150 pounds of muscle; 30 pounds of fat [~16.6% body fat] OR 145 pounds of muscle and 35 pounds of fat [~19.4% body fat]). The latter being more realistic, the former being the ultimate short-term goal.

My long-term goal, which I'm hoping to reach by the end of July, is to have a body weight of 170. That would consist of a muscle mass of 150 pounds and 20 pounds of body fat (~11.7% body fat). This goal will be tough to reach since an 11% body fat percentage is considered athletic by some standards.

My limits: I MUST not go under 140 pounds of muscle. I MUST not have more than 40 pounds of fat on me.
The bolded statements are goals I have already failed to achieve...

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Don't worry...