Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Bene decessit"

In the waning weeks of February 2009, I purchased a budgerigar.

I named him Skippy after my late grandfather's nickname "Skipper".

He was a young budgie, most likely under 6 months of age. He was quite a unique budgie. Within 24 hours of taking him home and putting him in his cage, he wanted out. He was a curious bird and he never held his curiosity back. I let him out that day and the rest was history.

I still remember the day when he was on the shelf above my computer looking down at me as I played my computer games (Team Fortress 2, to be precise) and spontaneously flew down to my keyboard, looked up at the computer and watched me play(pooping on my keyboard in the process).

I even remember the first time he flew onto my shoulder and started playing with my then longer hair.

It's amazing how in a short four months someone can become attached to such a friendly animal... and how similar the pain is when they die.

Skippy died sometime in the afternoon of June 6th, 2009.

He will be missed.

Bene decessit.
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