Friday, January 29, 2010

Wolf Moon

If you look to the ENE, you’ll see the biggest and brightest moon of 2010.

…and that bright “star” to its left?


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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Push-up, then crunch!

I figured I should plug these two sites again:

100 Push-ups

200 Sit-ups

As you can see on the right, I did reach 200 crunches last year. The time has come again to attempt the reach both goals in the six weeks programs. This goes double since I hit 173.4 pounds last Thursday, the lowest since the end of 2007.

I’m in the perfect situation to better my body: My kidneys are stable, my cholesterol is back in normal levels, my overall weight trend has been downward since Mid-October (with small upticks here and there) (pictured below).

No strict goals this time around, just a number: 160.

I want to be at or below 160 by June 1st.

As of this entry, my last official weigh-in is 173.4 pounds. June 1st (well, the weigh-in is on the 3rd) is 18 weeks away. Using the magic of math, I should have a weekly weight loss of 0.75 per week or a calorie deficit of 375 calories (which means I should only be eating a maximum of 1625 calories per day).

Let’s see what happens…

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mister Senator, sponsored by…

The most recent ruling in the supreme court removes a 63-law limiting the amount of money that a corporation or labor organization can contribute to a political campaign.

The ruling was sharp, a 5-4 decision. I was happy to see Sotomayor vote against this, but that doesn’t change the fact that corporations can now legally (as if they weren’t doing this before) “help” a politician into office.

I highly disagree with this ruling as now a third-party candidate can only hope a corporation decides to help pay for their campaign expenses or be at the mercy of their cash-welding democratic and republican counterparts.

It should be noted that an individual civilian can only contribute a maximum of $2,500.

Yeah, completely fair. Right. *eye roll*

How long will it be until we see politicians dressed in suit with embroidered logos of their backers?

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Always Check The Ring Finger

My own work,but it's a different camera.

Image via Wikipedia

File this under “Close one”.

Back in November, a few weeks after my first girlfriend broke up with me, I finally psyched myself into attempting to ask this really cute girl who was in my Accounting class. I spent days working up the courage to ask her out.

The moment finally came as she walked towards the door to the class. Something caught my eye though, on her left ring finger. A glimmer. A shine. It was a ring. More specifically, a wedding band.

So I didn’t ask her out in fear of completely embarrassing myself.

It was a smart choice as later on in the semester, we wound up having a friendly conversation in the classroom before class started. Not only was she married, she was 5 years older than I, she was an ex-military reservist, AND she had a 5-year old in kindergarten.

So gentlemen, in college, before you ask that girl out, take a peek at her ring finger.*

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Be Afraid… Be Very Afraid (Republicans)

Children are our future. Right?

But wait, there’s more!

Pictures provided by

Honestly, I don’t know who should be more afraid: Republicans or Third-parties.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Live Writer Test

This is a test of Windows Live Writer. This blog post is NOT intended to see the light of day, but there’s always chance for it to get through if I click a wrong button or go on a drunken rampage… oh, that reminds me:

I TURN 21 AT 1:18 AM ON JANUARY 10th, 1989!!


Happy Birthday to me!
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Give It Away

Blog post theme music:

If there's one thing ruining the movie industry, and by proxy Hollywood, it's the PR and Advertising departments of certain distributors.

"Why?" You may ask. Well, let's use Universal Studios' upcoming film Leap Year as my sacrificial lamb for the day.

This is a link to the trailer. Watch it (I doubt Facebook's shitty blog import feature will transfer the HTML markup correctly, so look for the trailer on Youtube).

Did you watch it?

Okay, for those of you who didn't (I don't blame you), the trailer esssentially gives away THE ENTIRE FUCKING PLOT OF THE FUCKING MOVIE.

"But Jonathan?" you may ask, "Isn't that what trailers are suppose to do?"

"NAY!", I say. You don't give away the whole fucking movie!

The one part of that trailer that bugs me is the whole ending of said trailer: Guy A asks Girl A to marry him even though Guy B, who is at the scene of said proposal and did all these "romantic" things for her (Girl A) while he (Guy B) brought her to Guy A, is heartbroken using Male Heart-Hurt, Sad Face #142. Honestly, should have that been used as a plot twist?

On top of that, odds are Spyglass Entertainment, the creators of this movie, used the "oooh, let's use the unobivous obvious plot turn" move.

What is the unobivous obvious plot turn in this movie's case?

Guy B ends up getting to hit Girl A like the fist of an angry greek god.*

*I have not seen this movie. This is a guess.
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Friday, January 1, 2010

The Great Decade (Goodbye 2009)

It can still remember the last night of 1999. My mother, father, and brother all waiting to see the ball drop and close out the 90s.

A lot has happened to me over the last 10 years. The deaths of my father, of a number of not-so-distant aunts and uncles, and of my grandfather. I completed, not only elementary school, but also middle school and high school, and as of now I'm waist-deep in college. My mother, brother and sister moved out to Long Island, so in a much lighter sense, I've experienced moving to a new home (okay, one floor down, I know, I know...). I found someone I could love in 2005 and claimed I loved and was able to experience the physical aspects of such a relationship. I loved and lost, but today, I'm being giving the ability to love again, albeit, at a very cautious pace. I've suffered pains, not just of death or of loss, but of a kidney biopsy. I was diagnosed with CKD in 2008 and having the choice to pursue fairly rough treatment or not was - nay, IS, as of 20 years into my life, the most important decision of my life. I can safely say however, that I made the correct choice and am on a road to recovery (as if there was anything noticeably wrong with me). My New Year's Resolution for the year of 2009 was:

"Set up my springboard into true adulthood. Better physical fitness and better cognitive reasoning (thinking before I make rash decisions, or better thinking in general). It's time to grab life by the horns."

I don't think I fulfilled this completely. My weight is under 180, but the amount of exercise I have done waned in the last 6 months. As for reasoning, I think I'm doing well, making my own choices, some against the wishes of others, but I think that's something I'll need 10 years down the road from now.

My New Year's resolution for 2010 is:

"Weigh 160 pounds at least once in 2010."

No more overly philosophical resolutions for me.

One goal at a time for this decade.
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