Thursday, January 7, 2010

Give It Away

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If there's one thing ruining the movie industry, and by proxy Hollywood, it's the PR and Advertising departments of certain distributors.

"Why?" You may ask. Well, let's use Universal Studios' upcoming film Leap Year as my sacrificial lamb for the day.

This is a link to the trailer. Watch it (I doubt Facebook's shitty blog import feature will transfer the HTML markup correctly, so look for the trailer on Youtube).

Did you watch it?

Okay, for those of you who didn't (I don't blame you), the trailer esssentially gives away THE ENTIRE FUCKING PLOT OF THE FUCKING MOVIE.

"But Jonathan?" you may ask, "Isn't that what trailers are suppose to do?"

"NAY!", I say. You don't give away the whole fucking movie!

The one part of that trailer that bugs me is the whole ending of said trailer: Guy A asks Girl A to marry him even though Guy B, who is at the scene of said proposal and did all these "romantic" things for her (Girl A) while he (Guy B) brought her to Guy A, is heartbroken using Male Heart-Hurt, Sad Face #142. Honestly, should have that been used as a plot twist?

On top of that, odds are Spyglass Entertainment, the creators of this movie, used the "oooh, let's use the unobivous obvious plot turn" move.

What is the unobivous obvious plot turn in this movie's case?

Guy B ends up getting to hit Girl A like the fist of an angry greek god.*

*I have not seen this movie. This is a guess.
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